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Imagine having your own production team with the expertise to create incredible video and tell world-class stories through cinematic production and cutting-edge technology. 

Instead of hiring a company on a project basis, Truce Affiliate Partners enjoy a dedicated team of professional filmmakers, committed to growing their brand through original content, LiveStreaming, commerical production and more.

With memberships starting at $5,000/month, the benefits are numerous:

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Benefits of Membership

  • 20% discounted production rates

  • A dedicated producer and team

  • Custom slate of projects

  • Story brand consultation 

  • Monthly retainer

  • Flexible studio use

  • Profit sharing participation

Services Include

  • Commercials

  • LiveStreaming events & meetings

  • Narrative, brand storytelling

  • Documentaries

  • Podcasts, YouTube content

  • Social media content

  • Multicamera production

  • Master story strategy

Added Benefits

  • 4-hour brand story onboarding (½ day retreat, $3k value).

  • Pre-Launch questionnaire (i.e. values, brand, products/services, goals).

  • Road-map and evaluation of creative strategy.


We are passionate about telling great stories through the power of film and video. And now, we are empowering a handful of brands with their very own production partner.

The Latin affiliat means ‘adopted as a son.’ In our passion to build Colorado’s first member-owned film and TV studio, we want to build a creative, extended family, mutually-benefiting, with world-class storytelling.

As a Production Member, you will immediately receive 20% (30% for nonprofits) off our regular production rates, the convenience of a monthly retainer and access to a creative team to help you leverage world-class film, streaming and video.

From interactive events to cinema-level production with cutting-edge storytelling through fresh and imaginative campaigns, it’s like having your own production studio without the headache of hiring sought-after creatives and securing expensive equipment and space.

As a Creative Co-Op, we partner with cutting-edge companies and organizations who see the power of storytelling through film as a way to not only elevate their own brand, but to build a flourishing, extended family of companies who want to create something greater.

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