This is where movie magic happens. Completely light and sound controllable, we can build anything we want here. With a full lighting grid, multiple projectors, set-flats and a little paint, you can transform this space into most anything you want. 650sqf, The floors are heavily distressed medium dark wood “pirate ship chic”. There are two white cinder-brick walls as well as three finished walls ideal for projecting and building into the set. Available in this space are paper backdrops, 8’x4’(x4) set-flats, shiny black tile modular flooring, couches, chairs, desks and a few props and decorations (please ask for specifics).


This stage is ideal for producing a full-scale show, shooting a movie, creating a unique music video or anything else you can dream up. You’ll be equipped with gigabit internet for high quality streaming on your own, and the ability to upgrade all camera, lighting, sound equipment and crew when needed. The stage can also be live switched by our amazing crew.


This space sounds great and is ready for full sound isolation at any time of the day.


We are always willing to help you create the space of your dreams, or at least the space of your story-boards. From set and production design, through lighting, camera, live and post-production work, we can achieve your vision.